After months, maybe even years of looking, and hopefully working with the world class yacht brokers of 26 North Yachts, you have purchased your first luxury motor yacht.

As the initial adrenaline rush of the purchase wears off, what do you do next?

Do you know how to get the most out of your investment, and enjoy all the fun and excitement of yachting, without any of the hassles? The answer is, “yes,” with the many benefits and advantages of professional yacht management.

Owning a luxury motor yacht is a lot of responsibility, and with your busy lifestyle, it is unlikely you have the time, or the desire, to devote to all the little details of luxury yacht ownership. That is where professional yacht management comes into play, and why we created FYM – Florida Yacht Management.



Florida Yacht Management

The owners of FYM’s sister company, 26 North Yachts, realized they wanted a way to be there for their clients throughout the lifecycle of luxury motor yacht ownership. That is why they created a professional management company that not only provides service work, but could handle crew, dockage and everything else that comes with owning a large motor yacht.

Over the last few years, as 26 North Yachts has grown, so has FYM, and today, we presently manage approximately 30 yachts of various sizes.

FYM is headquartered in Marina Bay, located on the New River in Fort Lauderdale,
FL. We operate out of a secured marina, filled with resort style amenities, that is also within close proximity to various shipyards, making it an ideal location for both crew and owners alike.

One of FYM’s greatest advantages is our proprietary software that allows you to
monitor all of the service work being done on your boat in real time. Software is one thing, and we are proud of our state-of-the-art yacht management solution, however, what is truly unique about FYM is our people. Our staff is highly vetted before becoming a part of the team and we are dedicated to creating a culture of professionalism, integrity and transparency which is unparalleled in South Florida and throughout the marine industry.

Our Key Yacht Management Services

At FYM, of course we handle all of the necessary maintenance issues and systems checks, but our goal is really to remove all of the hassles, and put the fun back into motor yacht ownership.

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yacht, and then fail to enjoy it? Yet, we see this happening all of the time. More often than not, owners get frustrated with the problems of delivery, dealing with crew, even with the challenges of planning where to go, and what to do on their yachts!

Unfortunately, because of this, we see owners who wind up spending much less time aboard their yachts than they originally anticipated, only to end up selling a few years later.

Our goal is to remove all such frustrations. When it comes to deliveries, for example, we can plan, hire and execute deliveries anywhere in the world. This can mean coordinating yacht transport vessels for Trans-Atlantic crossing and/or local deliveries with captain and crew up the coast or to the Caribbean. In fact, we are one of the few yacht management companies that specializes in transporting yachts from the Chicago area to the East Coast.

Repairs on Motoryacht


Crew hassles? Forget about them. We handle the hiring, firing, payroll, all employee arrangements, and so much more when it comes to crew. Our “On Demand Crew” feature allows you to select crew on an “as needed basis,” which can save you money and avoid a lot of the entanglements of full-time personnel.

Owners who are not quite sure where to take their boat, love our unique feature called “Select Itinerary.” Owners can go online and select an itinerary from pre-planned trips that we have created around exciting locales and known events, or they can customize a trip with FYM.

Owning a luxury motor yacht can be one of the greatest rewards of your success. It can also be intimidating and frustrating, without the right management company in your corner. We created FYM with one simple goal: removing the burdens from you, so you can enjoy all the benefits that luxury yacht ownership has to offer, with none of the hassles.