Horizon Yachts continues to innovate with an eye on the future! Newly under construction in their Kaohsiung, Taiwan shipyard is the uniquely futuristic craft – the FD85.

With a design and lines that could just as easily say “starship” as they could luxury yacht, the FD85 is no work of fiction, nor was it built to travel at warp speeds, but speed did factor into the design.

The engineers with Horizon found that owners of large yachts like to travel fast, but not too fast, with the average comfortable cruising speed around 12-15 knots. The typical 24 meter displacement type hull on most heavy yachts was not designed for optimal travel at those speeds.

This prompted the engineers at Horizon to design what they call a “fast displacement hull.” The unique design allows bigger heavier boats to cruise comfortably at speeds around 18 knots. It also allowed designers to experiment with some interesting and very futuristic hull shapes. The FD series is the first to use the new design.

Other Features of the FD85

In addition to the low-resistance, ultramodern shape of the hull, the main features the discriminating yacht buyer can expect on this soon-to-be revealed model are:

  • A 40 square meter multi-purpose area on the aft decks
  • A 54 square meter multi-purpose area on the upper and sundecks
  • An aft deck salon/dinning are with a fantastic “open view”
  • A Master cabin at main deck level with breathtaking panoramic views, that at the same time provides complete privacy for the yacht owner
  • 4 further VIP cabins
  • A raised pilothouse to provide further privacy for the owner and guests

And, as with all Horizon Yachts, you can expect customization to your specifications wherever possible.

The construction of the FD85 is well under way, and Horizon expects it will be rolled out for the media by spring 2016. The first hull was released from the molds in July, and the superstructure is also already in place.


FYM Now and the Future

At FYM we are excited every time we hear about the launch of a new motoryacht design. It usually means we can soon expect a new crop of discriminating buyers with an eye on the future, who will also want to experience the future of yacht management. But, you do not have to wait until tomorrow, to experience the best of what FYM has to offer today!

If you already own a motoryacht, let us help you with crews, all operations and maintenance issues, charters, day cruises and so much more.

Or, if you are in the market for a new boat, bring us into the process early. We are used to working with our sister company, 26 North Yachts, in helping you find the yacht that is right for you. Then, once you have found her, we are here to make sure your ownership experience is hassle free!