Part of being able to maximize your charter income, is understanding where to find the most interesting (and profitable!) charter destinations.

From South Florida, few charter opportunities offer more than Bimini and the Bahamas. Close enough for one or two day charters, with enough things to do to extend to longer term bookings, Bimini and the Bahamas are a win-win charter destination for charter yacht operators and their clients!


Bimini has long been known as one of the top Scuba Diving locations in the Northern Hemisphere. Crystal clear waters and an average water temperature of 80 degrees are only some of the reasons why. Bimini is located about 50 miles south of Florida and is the western most Island of the Bahamas. The waters beneath Bimini are home to thousands of sea creatures, an underwater mountain, and just maybe – a road to a mythical kingdom.


Scuba divers are attracted to Bimini because of its magnificent reefs overflowing with 100’s of species of marine life. Moray Alley, Hawksbill Reef and Rainbow Reef are just some of the popular dive sites off of Bimini. These Reef Dive sites offer depths from 25-75 feet so there is plenty to do and see for divers of all skill levels. The legendary “Bimini Road,” that some claim could be evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis is here for divers to see and form their own opinions – as is The Bimini Barge, which has been consistently rated by Skin Diver magazine as one of the Top Ten Wreck Dives in the Bahamas and Caribbean.


Beyond diving, Bimini also offers: healing springs, nature trails, quaint bars and a nightlife similar to Key West, which is why Bimini has been a favorite of both Ernest Hemmingway and Jimmy Buffet!

Islands of the Bahamas

Besides Bimini, you are sure to be familiar with the other well-known tourist Islands of the Bahamas, such as Grand Bahama, Nassau and Paradise Island. But what you may not realize is that the Bahamas Island chain consists of more than 700 islands!  All along that chain you will find unparalleled hedonism, exotic flora and fauna, and both excitement as well as relaxation. Like any tropical cocktail you could pick up along the way, a yacht charter through the Islands of the Bahamas is an intoxicating blend of sun, sand, and color.

fun on Bahama Yacht

From world class casinos and renowned golf courses, to exotic, out of the way anchorages, teaming with lush landscapes, and marine life, each island in the chain has its own distinct flair, and there is no better way to experience each and every one of them, than from the deck of a private motor yacht.

Water sports abound throughout the chain. Opportunities for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, Jet Skiing, and more, are almost limitless.  If sport fishing is your thing, the waters around the Bahamas are filled with record-breaking prized fish.

water sports in the bahamas

As beautiful as the tropical sun is, in the Bahamas, as soon as it sets, the nightlife begins! You can find anything from small local bars serving up the best in traditional island music, to nightclubs that could easily fit in New York or Los Angeles.

While the Bahamas are a playground for adults, they are family friendly too, with many fun-filled activities for the entire family. The Bahamas really do have something for everyone, making them a highly desirable yacht charter location.

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