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As a yacht owner who has realized the advantages of offering your luxury motor yacht out for day charters, or longer term charter vacations, have you also thought about the charter income opportunities for corporate events?

More and more companies are realizing that nothing sends a message of “success” to employees, partners and shareholders, like holding an event on a private yacht.

Having a meeting or corporate event on a chartered yacht can impress potential clients, boost the morale of employees, or offer organizations unprecedented networking and fundraising opportunities.

Kinds of Corporate Yacht Charters

You can earn additional charter income by chartering your yacht for business meetings, for CEOs to entertain potential new clients or partners, or for “team building” events for human resources. Think of what a wonderful environment a luxury yacht is for any of these kinds of things, away from the stress and distractions of an office. Your yacht is probably already equipped with the dining areas, entertainment, WiFi and other amenities that corporate event planners are interested in, not to mention the crew and staff.

service during event on yacht

Impeccable Service on a Corporate Yacht Charter

All of which, make a motor yacht ideal for doing any kind of business in an unique, fun upscale setting, that also provides the ultimate in privacy! High-powered corporate types are always trying to find the right “work-life” balance – a corporate yacht charter offers the best of both!

Think of it. A corporate charter offers everything any land based venue can, and so much more. And, of course, we can customize a corporate charter based on the event, by bringing in specific menus, or entertainments. The event can be hosted while the yacht is moored, or anchored, or cruising!

corporate yacht opportunites

Corporate yacht charters are not only popular as venues to launch products or forge new business relationships, they are also being booked for wonderful team building exercises, and as “perks” or incentives for key employees. Really any kind of corporate event or activity that you can think of that would normally be held at an upscale restaurant, hotel or other land-based venue, can be made that much more exciting and successful, as a yacht charter.

Corporate Charters Offer More Income Options

By considering the many ways your charter yacht can be used beyond charter vacations, you are expanding your income and cost saving opportunities. In addition, think of how many potential buyers may get to experience your yacht if she is used to host upscale corporate events.

If you already are part of our On Demand Yachting Service, or one of our charter income programs, speak to us today about how we may be able to add value to your membership with corporate charters.

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A Corporate Yacht Event in Miami Beach


Operating a motor yacht can be costly. Putting your boat in Charter can earn income, and defray some of the costs of ownership. On Demand Yachting from FYM can show you how. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (954) 900-9968.