If you have joined one of our charter income programs to offset the expenses of owning and operating your yacht, of course you would want to do everything you can to maximize your charter income potential. Like any other business, the best way to increase revenue is to stand out from the crowd, and in the charter yacht business a good way to do that, is to make sure you have the very latest water toys available!

Most Popular Water Toys

There are certain water toys that are almost a given on a yacht charter, such as jet skis, water skis, and snorkeling gear. But, if you really want to have a blast yourself, and also bring more to the table for you potential charter clients, consider adding some of these popular water toys to your yacht.

Subwing – This is a very new water toy, and it is becoming increasingly popular among the most daring of yacht charterers. The Subwing is kind of on underwater wake board, that allows you to be pulled behind the primary yacht, or tender performing acrobatic feats while skimming the surface or “flying” under water.

Seabob – Speaking of flying under water, that is exactly what a Seabob, or underwater scooter allows you to do.

seabob on yacht

Towables – Inflatable towables are fun and popular. As the name implies, they are towed for a kind of “sleigh ride” behind the boat. As these donuts and bananas skip and bounce along the waves, they are almost as entertaining for the folks watching the riders trying to hang on, as they are for those being towed!


Fly Board or Jet Lev – Two increasingly popular water toys not for the faint of heart are the Jet Lev and the Fly Board, while somewhat different in approach, these both are basically water propelled “jet packs” that allow you to fly above, or below the water!

Flying Water Toy

Waterslides – Inflatable waterslides simply attach to the side of your yacht from the top deck down, converting your yacht into a water park and providing plenty of splish-splashing fun! Perfect for encouraging charter bookings by families.


Private Submarine – Probably the ultimate water toy for you, or your charter guests is a private submarine! These “underwater personal watercrafts” such as the DeepFlight Dragon, the Scubster, and the Triton have been making the rounds of the 2015 and 2016 yacht shows. A yacht charter that can include use of a private sub, is certainly going to stand out from the crowd.

private sub on charter yacht

Deepflight Dragon Personal Submarine

Water Toys Fun for All and All for Fun!

Water toys enhance the yacht charter experience. Having the latest and greatest water toys on board not only can help increase your charter bookings, but will raise your own adrenaline a degree or two when using your yacht with your friends and family!


Operating a motor yacht can be costly. Putting your boat in Charter can earn income, and defray some of the costs of ownership. On Demand Yachting from FYM can show you how. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (954) 900-9968.