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If you have been reading our “service” blogs, then you know that we talk quite a bit about the importance of “routine maintenance” to the safe operation and longevity of your luxury motor yacht.

But what is “routine?” What exactly needs to be checked and maintained in your yacht’s engines and other critical systems to keep her running smoothly?

Maintaining Your Engines

Your motor yacht’s engines probably need the most routine care to keep them running trouble free, as long as possible. A marine engine is a complex machine. Within the engine are several “systems,” each of which need to be well monitored and maintained to avoid more costly repairs, or worse yet, a breakdown at sea!

servicing yacht engine

  • Fuel System – The fuel system needs to be checked regularly for any leaks, clogged lines and/or dirty filters. Filters need to be replaced on a regular basis
  • Cooling System – A major cause of engine failure is overheating. Your cooling system must be well maintained. Of course, coolant levels need to be checked regularly, and as in the fuel system, we need to check for any leaks. In addition, we need to check and replace any weak hoses, and/or belts.
  • Air System – Your engines also have an air system, they need air for combustion. The air system has filters that need to be regularly checked and replaced as needed.
  • Oil System – Like on your car, or any engine for that matter, oil is the “lifeblood” of your yacht’s engine. The oil system must be routinely checked for leaks, filters must be changed, and the oil itself needs to be changed (but not as often as on a car) to prevent oil viscosity breakdown and severe engine damage.


Other Systems

The other two major systems on your motor yacht that require routine maintenance are the electrical system and the hydraulic system.

Your boat’s electrical system needs to be routinely checked for the condition of your batteries, wires, and to be sure that all connections and terminals are free from corrosion and grime that can impede current, or cause shorts in the system. We will also routinely check for proper flow and voltage through the system, as spikes or fluctuations can damage sensitive equipment.

Your yacht’s hydraulics are a fluid based system, and as such need to be routinely checked for leaks, damaged or weak hoses. Pumps, valves and seals need to be routinely checked, and filters replaced as needed.

Yacht Being Serviced

Routine Maintenance Avoids More Costly Repairs!

The Value of Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance saves you on costly repairs, and extends the life or your yacht. It also helps to maintain her value when it becomes time to sell. One way to ensure that your yacht is getting all the regular workouts and upkeep she needs, is to sign up for our On Demand Yachting or Charter Income programs.


Operating a motor yacht can be costly. You can reduce your expenses, and avoid costly repairs by keeping her well maintained. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (954) 900-9968.