When you think of “yacht management” you probably think of how it can help with the day to day operations of you your boat. But, did you know that having a good yacht management company in your corner, can be instrumental when it comes time to sell your luxury motor yacht?

There are actually several areas throughout the sales cycle of your yacht, where professional yacht management, such as that provided by FYM can help you to “seal the deal.” One way in particular is in preparing your yacht to look her best at a boat show.

Prior to exhibiting any vessel at a boat show, we prepare by paying special attention to the following:

  • Teak treatment
  • Fresh wax and stainless polish
  • Cleaning all lockers and bilges to be dry
  • Emptying and treating gray and black water tanks to prevent any undesirable smells
  • Tidying lines and fenders to improve overall look of the vessel
  • Putting staterooms in show condition with displays on each bed and fresh flowers in each head
  • Staging interior with high end goods to improve overall experience
  • Full detail of the Engine Room to show that the boat has been well maintained and is ready to go

Showing best at a Boat Show

Of course, we will also attend to any special requests you may have. During the show, each morning FYM will give your yacht another full detail, in order to clean her from the showings of the previous day.

Typically, at a boat show, visitors come on board your motor yacht, already thinking of it as theirs. They will open cabinets, turn nobs, etc. We understand this, and will also make sure all electronics are in tip top shape, and all storage spaces are used efficiently. We know how to add just enough personal items, such as a few books, or items of clothing, to make the boat look homey and inviting, but still maintain an open, and uncluttered appearance.

Again, it’s all about the little details that can make your experience of selling at a boat show a big success!

Beyond specifically helping you for boat shows, here are the other ways that professional yacht management can ensure your yacht for sale will look and peform her best anytime for potential buyers.


Selling a yacht can be a lot like selling a high-end property. Real estate agents refer to “staging a house,” before they put it on the market. It is how they make the place look less used, or less “lived in,” and more like layout for a magazine spread. FYM can help you “stage,” your yacht the same way.

It starts with removing clutter. Only the bare essentials will be kept on board. The next step is cleaning and detailing. Everything needs to be cleaned and scrubbed to the nines! Nothing will turn off a potential buyer more than dirt!

You need to make sure all brass, stainless, or other metal fittings are polished. In addition:

  • All vinyl surfaces and enclosures need to be scrubbed and polished
  • Oxidation needs to be removed from all ports or hatches
  • All interior and exterior woodwork needs to be polished and detailed

The exterior of your boat is your first impression. It must sparkle and gleam like the smile of a super model.

detailing helps you sell yacht

The Devil’s in the “Details”

Remember, you must pay extra special attention to any “out of the way spaces” that could accumulate dirt. Any potential buyer is going to open every drawer, door, cabinet and locker, so be sure they are clean, tidy and free of clutter and personal items.

Of course beyond your boat’s physical condition, you need to make sure all of her systems show that she has been well-maintained and that she is in prime running condition.

When it is time to sell, one way to make sure that your yacht is in perfect selling condition, inside and out, is to take advantage of planned maintenance. This is another major benefit of engaging with a yacht management company.

The Benefits of Planned Maintenance

Someone once said, “Fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Those are good words to live by, especially when it comes to maintaining your yacht in good operating condition. A modern motor yacht is a complex machine, whose electronics and engineering rival any aircraft. With the safety and comfort of you and your guests on the line each time she leaves the dock, the importance of preemptive maintenance cannot be overstated.

With that said, developing a scheduled maintenance strategy is no simple task.

You need a system that takes into account the complex interactions of the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedules for each system on board, along with parts inventory and availability, the labor hours required, and much more. Beyond that, you want a transparent system that can generate all reports, to the captain and the owner, and fully account for all work done.

This is where a yacht management company that uses maintenance software can play a vital role. Ultimately, a good scheduled maintenance software program will save the yacht owner time, money and avoid breakdowns and more costly repairs – or worse yet – trouble at sea!

Plus, regular maintenance will likely prevent any surprises in your marine survey when you receive an offer on your boat. Also, the reports generated allow you to show potential buyers just how well-maintained your yacht has been!

Clean Yacht Interior

A Spotless Interior Helps Your Yacht Sell Fast!

The On Demand Solution

Florida Yacht Management’s proprietary On Demand software not only will track and maintain your boats proper weekly and monthly maintenance schedules, it allows you to monitor all of the service work being done on your boat in real time. That means at any time, you can approve or decline any service work. You have the ability to monitor all systems checks weekly or monthly, and can see when they were completed and by whom.

Through our engineers and industry-wide contacts, our On Demand software will:

  • Implement and maintain the right planned maintenance set-up for your yacht
  • Continuously assess performance and operations, taking any remedial actions as needed between scheduled maintenance
  • Arrange for spare parts, repairs, refits as needed
  • Track, monitor and report on all electrical, mechanical and physical repairs
  • Maintain inventories on all stores, provisions and spare parts
  • Allow you to “virtually” inspect and monitor our performance, and your boat’s condition – anytime

Ship Shape and Beyond

When it comes time to sell your boat, it really is easy to see why having good yacht management is important. You simply want any potential buyer to be welcome, and feel good about your vessel as soon as they step onboard.

Proper preparation is all about appealing to the emotions. It shows buyers you are serious about selling, and can give them peace mind to take the next step.

Motor Yachts at Boat Show


Operating a motor yacht can be costly. You can reduce your expenses, and avoid costly repairs by keeping her well maintained. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at  (954) 900-9968.