Yacht Charter Bahamas

Yachting and islands just go together like rum and coconut milk. In fact there is an old Caribbean expression that says to really understand an island, you must leave her by boat and look back. Leave the typical sight-seeing to the land lubbers. Yacht Captains know that to really experience what the Islands of the Caribbean have to offer, you need to get into those special out of the way places that you can only get to by boat. Here in no particular order are FYM’s Top Ten Caribbean Islands to visit by motor yacht.

Bahamas – I said in “no particular order,” but the Bahamas “tops” our list if for no other reason than its close proximity to South Florida. The Bahamas are just a short cruise away from SOFLA, and once you get there it is a boating paradise with over 700 islands from the Abacos to the Exumas, all of which are best seen by yacht!

The British Virgin Islands –The British Virgin Islands, or BVI are known the world over as a popular destination for sailing yachts and catamarans, but more and more luxury motor yachts are finding their way to this exotic locale of pink sand beaches, rockey shoals, and amazing nightlife, all in reach of your yacht’s tender!

Yachts in the BVI

The Bitter End Yacht Club – BVI

Aruba – Aruba is one of the most popular boating destinations in the western Caribbean. Just a few nautical miles North of Venezuela, Aruba offers miles and miles of beaches, the flora and fauna of two National Parks, and an astounding nightlife complete with resorts and casinos.

US Virgin Islands – The other “VI,” the US Virgin Islands have as much to offer a yachtsman as the BVI, along with some remarkable hidden coves and private beaches you can only get to by boat. And, the US Virgin Islands have the added advantage, for American yacht travelers, of no fees or other special entry requirements that you may find in the Bahamas or elsewhere.

Yachts in Virgin Islands

Yacht Haven Marina – US Virgin Islands

Antigua – If you dock your yacht in Ft. Lauderdale, chances are you live in Florida, and if you live in Florida, chances are you are familiar with Jimmy Buffet, and if you know Jimmy Buffet, you know Antigua. A favorite of “America’s Pirate in Chief,” and immortalized in several of his songs, Antigua has been one of the Caribbean’s top boating destinations for centuries, stretching all the way back to the days of Admiral Nelson. Antigua’s Falmouth Harbor is one of the few in the Caribbean that has been specifically designed to accommodate mega and superyachts.

yacht in Antigua

A Superyacht Docked in Antigua

Guadeloupe – Not as well-known or as “touristy” as some of the other islands on this list, but Guadeloupe and its series of tiny archipelagos, can only be properly explored and experienced by boat.

Turks and Caicos – These “sister” islands are known for their scuba and snorkeling opportunities. They are also a top destination for whale watching during the winter months when humpback whales are migrating through the areas around Mouchoir and Silver Banks.

St Martin – The Island of St. Martin is actually divided into two countries, the northern part of the Island is French and the southern part (St. Maarten) belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but it is one great yachting destination. There is a megayacht marina on Snoopy Island, or you can dock just off shore and explore the many small French villages or the remote Pinel Island – population zero, but it has two Tiki bars!

Puerto Rico – As American friendly as the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico is a great jumping off point to the rest of the eastern Caribbean, and has a tropical feel and hot Latin vibe all of its own.

Puerto Rico Yacht Marina

Yachts in San Juan Puerto Rico

Belize – Never heard of Belize? That is part of its charm, and what makes it ideal for boaters! Belize is in the Western Caribbean, just off the coast of Central America. As compared to the other Caribbean Islands on this list, only a small portion of the world’s tourists have visited Belize, and that has kept Belize’s ancient Mayan ruins, pristine rain forest and especially the Belize Barrier Reef “unspoiled” for all to enjoy.
Knowing the Top Charter Destinations Means Increased Charter Income

With its rich history, diverse and interesting cultural heritages, miles of tropical beaches, scuba diving, and sport fishing opportunities, the Caribbean could easily be described as the “Ultimate yacht charter destination.”

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