Boca Resort and Marina

This week’s installment of our Florida Cruising Guide features Boca Raton and Lake Boca

Boca Raton, known more commonly to locals and tourists alike as simply “Boca,” is one of Florida’s most popular destinations. From beaches, to fine hotels and wondrous art museums, to shopping with over 200 specialty shops and a unique upscale mall, and some of the best restaurants, and art and cultural events in the area – Boca truly has it all!

As they say, location, location, location – and after all, Boca is located among the Palm Beaches and, in the very heart of Florida’s Atlantic Ocean Coast. It is home to the Boca Raton Resort & Club, one of the nation’s premier waterfront resort destinations.

Boca serves up some of the Florida east coast’s best waterfront dining, shopping and lively entertainment, and it is all easily accessed, and better enjoyed by boat!


Navigation and Nautical Details

According to US Harbors, the Boca Inlet leads from Lake Boca to the Atlantic Ocean. The waterway leaves Lake Boca Raton at Mile 1048.1 and enters a long land cut. Crossing the north end of the land cut at Mile 1048.2, Camino Real highway bridge has a bascule span with a clearance of 9 feet at the center. Care should be exercised at this bridge as strong currents may be encountered, and the sides of the canal are rocky. Boca Raton Inlet is a narrow dredged cut through the beach 5 miles northward of Hillsboro Inlet Entrance Light. The hotel at Boca Raton is a prominent landmark. The mouth of the inlet is protected by short jetties marked by private lights.

Navigating the Boca Inlet

The Boca Inlet

Dockage and Marinas

Lake Boca, sometimes also called “Boca Lake,” is a very popular anchorage and tends to be very crowded on weekends.

For larger vessels, the yachting heart of Boca is the Boca Raton Resort and Marina. The Marina at the resort features 32 slips and an array of luxury services. The marina provides a dynamic setting to delight in the wonders of the sea.

Premier private dockage is offered at the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club, which has reciprocal membership with other similar upscale yacht clubs.  Situated in a safe and well-protected bay, with ocean access only minutes away, the Royal Palm Yacht Club provides first class service to its yachting members. The Marina can accommodate vessels from 18’ to over 100’ and provides full-time concierge services along with reciprocal privileges at 35 other private South Florida yacht clubs.

 yachting in Boca Raton


Events and Things to Do

From beaches, to sport fishing, to fine dining, theater and museums, there is never a lack of things to do in and around Boca Raton. The nightlife options, and the number of things to do, and recommended places to eat, are too extensive to list here.

For boaters in particular, every spring, Lake Boca hosts the “Boca Bash.” It’s an informal gathering of boats, that is known for its wild and crazy, and scantily clad partiers that revel on the world famous sand bar. The only way to get to Boca Bash is by boat. The event takes place on Lake Boca the last Sunday in April each year, and is open to the public.

enjoying the sandbar in Boca

The Lake Boca Sandbar

Hassle Free Cruising

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