Owning a luxury yacht means you have achieved a certain level of success in life, and have acquired a taste for the finer things. Which could make it a little challenging for the friends and loved ones of yacht owners to buy them holiday gifts. That old cliché of “what do you get for the person who has everything,” definitely would seem to apply to a yacht owner. But, before you panic and turn down that invitation to spend your Holidays aboard a friend’s vessel, here are a few can’t miss gift items for yachtsmen and other boaters!


Towables – Yacht owners love toys. If anyone buys into the “he or she that dies with the most toys wins,” it’s yacht owners! And when it comes to toys for yacht owners, what better than water toys! Towables are fun and popular water toys that are easy to use, store and maintain. Especially if your yacht owner has kids, towables and tubes are a fantastic family-friendly way to amp up the fun factor of every on-the water outing.


Drones – And, speaking of toys, if there is one thing that most yacht owners dig even more than toys, its gadgets and electronics, and drones are something that combine both!


Fish Finders – If the boat owner on your list is also a fishing enthusiast, than a fish finder is a great gift. A fish finder is an electronic device, that uses acoustical waves, to see things under you boat, hopefully schools of fish!


Marine or Nautical Art – Yachting enthusiasts probably appreciate art, and in particular marine art. They may even collect the works of well-known marine artists such as Guy Harvey, or Wyland, or you may even commission an artist to paint a personal masterpiece of his or her boat!


Spirits – Nothing can get a boat owner into the Holiday Spirt, like fine wine and spirits! Your yacht owning friend or family member undoubtedly will have a favorite wine, scotch, whisky or other adult beverage they would like to share with you for a Holiday drink on the flydeck. If you are not sure what their adult beverage of choice is, you can’t go wrong with a fine Champaign such as Perrier-Jouet or Veuve Clicquot.


Barware – If you just cannot decide on alcohol, but would like to still give something in that “spirit” of giving, you could consider barware to grace the onboard décor, such as this opulent crystal decanter from Riedel or for the real player, this Linley Vice Box, which is an homage to debauchery!


Sunglasses – Boaters love and also need sunglasses. Of course there are the well-known and fashionable brands such as Ray Ban, Oakly and Maui Jim, but you also may want to check out, Hoven’s Argonaut sunglasses that are designed to float should they go overboard.


The Leatherman Tread – If the yachtsman on your list is the “do-it-yourselfer” type he has surely owned and relied on a Leatherman at one time or another. The Tread is a new spin on the old standby tool that can be worn like a fashionable, rugged looking bracelet, but also sports multitool functionality!


Boating Safety Gifts – They may not seem as sexy, or high-end as some of the other things on this list, but nothing says “I love you” to a boat owner, more than a gift that could literally save his or her life. PFDs, EPIRBS, or other safety gear, always make a practical and thoughtful gift.



FLIR Imagers – FLIR makes imaging devices that pierce the vail of darkness, which could be invaluable to boaters. Some luxury motor yachts may come equipped with FLIR night vision cameras, or FLIR thermal imaging cameras. But if they do not, either, or both can be another appreciated, and maybe even lifesaving gift!




Give Yourself and Your Yacht a Holiday!

Any the gifts on this list would probably put a smile on the face of the yacht owner in your life, but why not give yourself and your yacht a Holiday gift that keeps on giving!

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