From the legendary exploits of Long John Silver, to the real life adventures of treasure hunters such as Mel Fisher, the seas have always held tales of fabled wrecks and a fascination for fortune seekers.

With all due respect to Robert Lewis Stevenson, here is a list of the Top Five “Treasure Islands” for yacht owners, or yacht charterers who are would-be buccaneers!

Amelia Island, Florida – Topping our list is Amelia Island, if for no other reason than it is only a few hours away off of the northeast coast of the Sunshine State!  The wreck of the San Miguel, the flagship of the famous lost 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet,  is thought to lie somewhere off Amelia Island.

Andros Island, Bahamas – Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of Rum – LITERALLY! Andros Island is said to be the final resting place of the accumulated booty of infamous buccaneer, Henry Morgan, (Yes that Captain Morgan), buried in the 17th century. Even if you never find the loot, this island paradise is a treasure in itself, and easy to reach by charter yacht!


Musha Cay, Bahamas – Treasure hunting fantasy and reality merge on Musha Cay. Musha Cay is a private Island owned by master illusionist David Copperfield. He has used his skills to create the secret world of “The Unknown Pirate,” a multi-island “treasure hunt,” for guests who can afford the exclusive experience.


Cocos Island, Costa Rica – The legendary Treasure of Lima is said to have been buried somewhere among the caves of Cocos Island by Captain William Thompson in 1820 after he and his crew stole the loot they were supposed to be transporting. The treasure is said to include two life-size solid gold statues.


Oak Island, Nova Scotia – The subject of the current History Channel TV Series “The Curse of Oak Island,” and novels such as “Riptide,” this 140-acre private island off the coast of Nova Scotia, is home to one of the longest running treasure hunts in history. Adventurers and academics have been trying to solve the mystery of the traps and tunnels that allegedly protect vast amounts of treasure, since 1795 — to no avail. But be warned, many of those have lost their lives to “the curse,” in the process!

Is There a Curse of Oak Island - Yacht on Over and Find Out!

Is There a Curse of Oak Island – Yacht on Over and Find Out!

Knowing the Top Charter Destinations Means Increased Charter Income

Getting to know and leverage the most popular destinations to visit by motor yacht for is a treasure in itself, and is an important part of maximizing your yacht charter income.

We may not be able to help you necessarily discover pirate’s sunken gold, but when you sign up for our On Demand Yachting, or one of our charter income programs, our professional charter brokers will work with you to design yacht charter itineraries that are best suited for your yacht, and your earning potential!


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