Part of being able to maximize your charter income, is understanding where to find the most interesting (and profitable!) charter destinations. From South Florida, the Islands of Martinique are an easy and accessible voyage. Like all Caribbean islands, Martinique has its share of sun and surf, but what it really is known for is the famous Route des Rhums, where charter guests can enjoy what have been deemed the best rums in the world!

But there is no reason to just take our word for it. The rhumeries, as distilleries are called on this French Caribbean island, welcome visiting yachtsmen and expect yacht owners and their charter guests to taste what comes out of their world-renowned stills and barrels. Speaking with Yachting Magazine, one of Martinique’s largest importers of fine wines, Laurent Assier de Pompignan said,“The rum made here is the best because it’s rhum agricole — agricultural rum — made straight from sugar-cane juice, not molasses. Just come by for a taste and you’ll see.”

Highlights of a Martinique Rum Charter

Assier de Pompignan’s words ring true as you cruise along the Island’s leeward coast, and you can see the vast fields of sugar cane. Just as wine lovers can explore vineyard after vineyard in Napa Valley, or Sonoma, California, so too can rum connoisseurs embrace their inner pirates, and taste and experience the full range of Martinique’s distinctive world-class rums by traveling La Route des Rhums. Basically it is a self-guided tour, where you can visitor 10 distilleries throughout the island.

For a Yachtsman, the “Route” begins by anchoring in the well-appointed harbor at Le Marin, which has a 750-berth marina. From there, it is a hop-skip-and jump, (something you will unlikely be able to do by the end of your tour!), to the tourist office to get your map for the La Route des Rhums.

Map of the La Route des Rhums

Map of the La Route des Rhums

Each distillery will welcome you with information about the island’s extraordinary production methods which deliver the areas distinct and award winning flavors, Martinique’s rich culture, and the key role that rum has played throughout its history, and of course best of all – free tastings!

As you will learn, and as Assier de Pompignan pointed out, the main difference between Martinique’s rums, and those you may be more familiar with such as those from Jamaica, or Puerto Rico, is that those rums are usually distilled from molasses. The “rhum agricole” process used in Martinique distills rum directly from cane juice, which results in rums that are more akin to fine cognacs, offering greater complexity and a more varied array of distinct natural flavors. And, as you might imagine, each of the 10 distilleries puts their own unique spin on the process, offering flavors as varied as the colored feathers on the parrot on Long John Silver’s shoulder!


To really experience all of 10 distilleries, and what each has to offer, expect to spend at least 2-days along the “Route.” Maybe, three, with one to recover!

Not Just Rum

Rum is not the only thing that makes Martinique a very unique charter destination. It is still part of France, so a visit there is a great way to experience French culture – in a tropical setting!

During a yacht charter to Martinique, besides imbibing in rum, Champagne and other gastronomic delights, you can expect to see one of the Caribbean’s few active volcanoes, explore some fascinating history such as the impressive Fort Saint Louis, built in 1640, and even have a cup of Joe on the island that introduced coffee to the New World!

Mt. Pelee Volcano - Martinique

Mt. Pelee Volcano – Martinique

With its rum tours and Champagne tastings, it may seem like Martinique is a playground for adults, but it is family friendly too, with many beaches and fun-filled activities for the entire family, from horseback riding to exploring forts and ruins, rich in pirate folklore!

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