With this blog post we start a new feature at FYM – Yachting Gear and Gadgets. In this column we will bring you news and reviews of some of the latest and greatest “must have” marine equipment to get the most out of your yachting lifestyle.

In this edition we take an up-close look at something that can help you see far away — image stabilization binoculars. 

Referred to as “image stabilization,” or “image stabilized” binoculars, IS binoculars are digitally enhanced, and/or gyroscopically stabilized to minimize the effect of your hands shaking on your view. You can imagine how handy that can come in for stargazing or birdwatching from the deck of your yacht! No boat, even one that is anchored or docked is ever motion-free, so IS binoculars are uniquely suited for onboard long-distance viewing.

How Does Image Stabilization Work?

The image stabilization mechanism for IS binoculars is virtually the same technology that you will find on digital video cameras that offer this feature. Basically, internal sensors detect motion, and usually will engage a battery operated mechanism that shifts something in response to the motion, such as moving a series of prisms that counteract the jiggly motion of hand-holding the binoculars or camera. In many cases the manufacturers claim that the IS technology can deliver the same level of stabilization and image clarity as if you placed the unit on a tripod.

Most Popular IS Binoculars for Yachting

Whether whale watching, or scanning the horizon for pirate ships, if you are looking for binoculars for use on your yacht, you have to consider not only IS technology, but units that have been “ruggedized” to take the marine environment, such as Fraser Optics’stedi-eye mariner.

IS binoculars tend to be expensive, due to the IS technology, but that means they usually also have a number of “high end” features you would find on very good non IS binos, such as range finders, and even built in cameras.

IS binoculars can run from the few hundred dollars, such as the Fujinon techno-stabi jr., or into the several thousands of dollars for Frasers Stedi-eye series, so you will have to carefully consider you needs and budget.

As you might imagine, some of the best names in IS binoculars, are those you might be familiar with as leaders in optics and cameras, such as, Fuji, Nikon, Cannon, and Bushnell.


Fraser Optics’ stedi-eye mariner


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