If you think it is frustrating when the battery dies on your smartphone, or laptop, imagine what can happen when a marine battery gives up the ghost on a luxury motor yacht!

Batteries play an important role on all vessels, including yachts. Batteries are the heart of any DC electrical system. Like all batteries, your yacht’s batteries need to be constantly recharged. That means they need to be charged either by your yacht’s generators or shore-based charging system, such as the “shorepower” terminals found in most marinas.

Even though the charging systems on most motor yachts are equipped with sensors that will keep batteries from being destroyed by “overcharging,” hooking up to shorepower still needs to be done correctly to avoid damage or injury.

Shorepower Connections

Most marinas will have one of two types of shorepower receptacles 30 Amp or 50 amp. They both are made to accept three pronged plugs, but the “slots” are different. In the 30 amp receptacle, ONE slot is “notched,” in the 50, TWO are notched. Always carefully examine the prongs on your shorepower cord and the slots in the shorepower receptacle. If they do not match, do not attempt to plug it in.

Whether you have a 30 amp shore power system or a 50 amp shore power, the procedure for plugging in is the same. Always plug your shorepower cable into your yacht’s receptical FIRST, this way you are not plugging a “hot,” wire into your vessel.



The most important thing is to make sure the connections on both ends are secure and making full contact. Even if the cable is not totally locked in place, electricity could be flowing, but without improper grounding, things can heat up very quickly, damaging your cables, connections, your boat’s sensitive electronics, or in the worst case scenario, cause a fire.

Here are the steps to achieving a secure connection:

On the boat side:

  • Unscrew the protective cover on the receptacle and open it.  Line up the three slots on the female plug with the three prongs on the male receptacle and plug it in firmly.
  • Then, turn it firmly to the right to lock it. Check to see that it is locked in place by slightly pulling straight back on it.  It should not come back out, unless it is rotated to the left.
  • Finally, Screw the plastic ring into place.


 On the Dock Side:

  • Again, line up the prongs with the slots, plug it in and turn it firmly to the right, check it as before.

Now you should have a safe and secure connection.


On Demand Gives More Power to You

Regardless of the type of shore power system you have aboard your luxury motor yacht, FYM’s On Demand Yachting Solution gives “more power to you.”

Signing up for the program means your yacht will always be carefully monitored and well maintained for any issues with batteries, generators or any part of the electrical system. Should your battery or shorepower system need upgrading or retrofitting, our skilled marine engineers, will be the first to know it, and you can be confident they will make the right recommendations for your yacht and needs.

And, you will be able to monitor the entire process through your own proprietary On Demand dashboard!



Operating a motor yacht can be costly. You can reduce your expenses, and avoid costly repairs by keeping her well maintained. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (954) 900-9968.