As reported by Ryck Lydecker in BoatUS Magazine, after navigating a long and deliberate public process some 10 years in the making, the Florida legislature may be about to forge a commonsense anchoring policy that would apply throughout the waters of the Sunshine State.

As Lydecker’s in depth article explains, under federal law, the state retains jurisdiction over most of its bottomlands, and in Florida, the state let local jurisdictions exercise that authority. In the case of navigation, that turned into increased regulations — even prohibitions — on anchoring. With many areas imposing fines for anchoring past a certain number of days, or banning the practice altogether, the Sunshine State saw its “boater friendly” reputation starting to tarnish.

The anchoring issue really came to a head in 2006, when Miami Beach passed a city ordinance limiting boats to seven days at anchor. That led other cities, like Sarasota, Marco Island, and Fort Lauderdale, to pass their own rules. A 2007 test case by a local boater against the Marco Island ordinance led to a two-and-a-half-year legal battle. The city ultimately lost the case and chose not to appeal it, thanks in part to a change in state law that BoatUS, in alliance with several boating-industry groups, convinced Tallahassee lawmakers to pass in 2009.


A Pilot Program

Seven years ago, Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) launched a pilot program, which they hope will address all the stockholders involved with the issue, from boat owners, to waterfront developers. The program, designed to lead to more reasonable anchoring rules statewide, was tested in five local municipalities: Saint Augustine, Stuart/Martin County, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, and Monroe County, which includes most of the Florida Keys.

Under the program, each jurisdiction was to have a designated public mooring field (or at least one under construction) in order to test policies and develop workable regulations for anchoring in open waters outside those mooring fields. Within that overriding goal, the pilot program aimed to develop tools that would, for example, establish reasonable anchoring setback distances from shoreline property, from such maritime infrastructure as piers and launching areas, and from sensitive marine habitats.

The FWC issued its final report on the program in January, and hopefully its detailed analysis and recommendations, will have legislators react by passing reasonable statewide anchorage laws and regulations.


New Dockages for Luxury Yachts Available from FYM!

Until a decision can be made based on the report on the pilot program, anchoring, and indeed finding premium dock space in Florida remains very challenging.

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Dockage Available at Marina Bay

In the first option, at our Marina Bay location, we have up to 160′ of deep-water dockage available. Prices start at $35 a foot; prices will vary, based on the size of the vessel. Features and amenities include:

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Dockage Available at Harbor Beach Dock

For yacht owners interested in the exclusive Harbor Beach Dock location, we have up to 180’ of dockage available in this luxury marina, where there are no “liveaboards” allowed. Other advantages and amenities include:

  • Deepwater access
  • No fixed bridges
  • 100 Amp shore power
  • Water
  • “Yacht Sitting” available upon request
  • Gated neighborhood
  • Parking available



If you are interested in either of these locations, contact as now, space has been filling fast!

Yacht Management and Dock Space

Even with our newly available spaces, finding dockage for a luxury motor yacht in South Florida remains challenging.

Did you know that one of the many advantages of signing your yacht up with our On Demand Yachting solution is gaining access to Marina Bay?

Marina Bay is located in the epicenter of Ft. Lauderdale’s yachting capital. It not only is home to some of the finest, secured slips in the area, but, it is home to the Marina Mile Yachting Center, a full-service shipyard that is staffed by some of the best marine professionals and contractors in the South Florida yachting industry.

When your yacht is docked at Marina Bay, you not only have the sense of security and pride that comes with premium dock space, you will have access to the high-caliber service network of The Yacht Center for more complicated refits, maintenance and marine supplies.



Finding dockage for a luxury motor yacht in South Florida can be challenging. On Demand yachting from FYM can help. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (855) 318-6328.