Part of being able to maximize your charter income, is understanding where to find the most interesting (and profitable!) charter destinations. From South Florida, Puerto Rico is a popular charter destination that is easily accessible for short or long term charter voyages. Puerto Rico has everything that many other Caribbean yacht charter destinations have, from rain forests to a steaming hot Latin nightlife, with the added advantage of being part of the US!

Only a few hours cruising time from Miami, and with no passport required for U.S. travelers, Puerto Rico’s unique Spanish Caribbean culture and tropical waters offer a charter experience from SOFLA that is hard to match!


Highlights of a Puerto Rico Yacht Charter

Puerto Rico is easily accessible, located in the northeastern Caribbean, just west of the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands. The US dollar is the official currency of the island, and English is widely spoken. In fact, for American travelers, a visit by boat to Puerto Rico, is no different than cruising to any other state! Despite some economic turmoil in the past, in more recent years, the US commonwealth has been growing in popularity and appeal to yachts and superyachts.

The island has four marinas, outstanding maintenance facilities, luxury attractions, a deep cultural history and profound natural beauty. The largest marina in the Caribbean, Puerto del Rey, is situated on the east coast of Puerto Rico, between San Juan and St Thomas, and offers great access to the island’s most important attractions.  The Yacht Club, on the southeastern coast of the island, provides a sophisticated range of services for superyachts, and access to renowned Palmas del Mar resort.

A Yacht Charter Destination with Something for Everyone

As a yacht charter destination, the island of Puerto Rico truly has something for everyone!

The island has 14 state parks, and is home to El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest “in the United States.”San Juan is a historical treasure trove, and the island is known as one of the top rum distillers in the Caribbean. Tours of the “Old City,” and the local distilleries are a must when visiting Puerto Rico.

The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan

The Colorful Streets of Old San Juan

Interested in the search for extraterrestrials? Check out the Arecibo Observatory, home of what was until recently, the largest radio telescope in the world, and featured in several movies about the search for, and first contact with aliens!

The Arecibo Radio Telescope

The Arecibo Radio Telescope

Besides spending time on the “main island,” many travelers are unaware of the charming pleasures of Puerto Rico’s “Passage Islands,” which are also known as the Spanish Virgin Islands or SVI. On a yacht charter to Puerto Rico you can bask in the splendor of your private yacht, while exploring these relatively unknown islands.

The SVI offers a prime yacht charter destination where you can spend your days hopping between pristine beaches, or snorkeling colorful coral reefs, and you nights tempting your tastes with robust flavors, and hot salsa dancing!


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