If there is one thing related to James Bond, or at least James Bond villains as much as Martinis “shaken not stirred,” it’s luxury motor yachts. Here in no particular order, are the top luxury motor yachts that have appeared as critical plot points in notable Bond films.

Never Say Never Again

Rather than taking a “Q” from the film’s title, Bond fans were thrilled when Sean Connery returned to the role of the world’s sexiest superspy in Never Say Never Again. Pretty much a remake, and a reprise of the role he played in “Thunderball,” the yacht which was then known as Nabila, was the watery headquarters of the films villain. The yacht again achieved fame off of the silver screen when it was sold to Donald Trump in 1988 and renamed Trump Princess. Know known as Kingdom 5KR, it remains one of the world’s most famous and recognizable yachts.


The Living Daylights

One of Timothy Dalton’s best turns as 007, had him parachuting onto the 140ft megayacht, Moonmaiden II, during the film’s opening credits! Moonmaiden II, was built in 1975, and is one of the best known superyachts in the world.


Casino Royale

It seems almost every actor to play Bond also got to have a luxury motor yacht as his costar. Daniel Craig was no exception. In his first jaunt as Bond, in the reboot of Casino Royal, he raced onto the screen in the hot, sexy Sunseeker Predator M3. Since then, the yacht has been renamed Casino Royal, in honor of her “movie career,” and is currently available for charter.



Not to be outdone, Pierce Brosnan also got to share some screen time with a sexy lady that was clad in fiberglass, in addition to a few in bikinis. This time it was the superyacht Northern Cross. The 150 foot yacht “starred” in the film by playing the part of Manticore, the superyacht residence of Bond nemesis, the femme fatale, Xenia played by Famke Janssen.


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