We all know that April showers bring May flowers. But, in the Northeast, as the pages of the calendar move from April to May, there is one more thing you can count on. Its yachts coming out of dry docks and cold storage for the start of boating season!

One of the nice things about having your yacht as part of a Florida based charter fleet is that you do not have to wait for the summer to earn charter income. Day and longer term charters can be run from and around Florida all year long! However, as the charter season “heats up” elsewhere, you may want to take advantage of other popular summer charter destinations such as New England.

New England is made up of six states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, all of which have a long maritime history and major appeal as a yacht charter destination.

As the calendar turns to late spring, and throughout the summer months, New England literally comes alive with luxury yacht charter options. In fact, many of the luxury charter yachts that spend the winter operating in the Caribbean or Bahamas, relocate to New England to take advantage of the summer charter season – and you should too! You not only will have the opportunity to take advantage of this lucrative charter market, you can enjoy a unique New England Charter vacation of your own!

Yachts in the Hyannis Marina Cape Cod

Transporting Your Yacht From Florida to New England

Obviously if you want to earn additional charter income by re-positioning your yacht up north for the summer, you will have to get it there. There are three options to do so: overland transportation by truck, sea transportation by a “lift-on/lift off” ship, or having the boat driven by a transport captain. Which is best for you depends on the size of your boat, and your timeframe, and your budget.

Once you get to a yacht of appreciable size, anywhere more than 15-20 feet wide, overland transport is rarely the most cost effective method. For such bigger boats, sea transport, or a delivery crew is the better option. The cost of having your yacht shipped from Florida to New England via transport ship, versus having a captain and crew take her there, will pretty much balance out. Of course, if you choose the transport captain and crew method, you have far greater control over when the yacht arrives. Also, you may want to make an excursion of it yourself, joining the crew as your yacht cruises to New England, maybe even making some interesting stops along the way. You may even be able to arrange with your charter broker to offer booking of a charter vacation package from Florida to New England that could off-set the cost of transport!


How FYM Can Help

Deciding to transport your charter yacht from Florida to New England for the summer can be a complicated process. But, FYM can make it easy and hassle free for you. As part of our On Demand Yachting solution, we can work with you and discuss the various transport options. Once we decide which is right for you, we will make all the arrangements for you, from booking transportation, or getting you a reliable and completely vetted captain and delivery crew!


Operating a motor yacht can be costly. Putting your boat in Charter can earn income, and defray some of the costs of ownership. On Demand Yachting from FYM can show you how. If you would like to learn more, or if you have any questions or comments about this blog post, do not hesitate to contact our Yacht Management specialists, or call us at (954) 900-9968.