There has been a lot in the news this past week about President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords. One of the points made by Trump, was that despite pulling out of the accords, he still expects American industry to play a key role in developing green technologies and alternative fuels. The boating industry has already been out in the forefront in developing alternative fuels for luxury motor yachts and other vessels.

President Trump Still Thinks America Will Lead in Green Technologies and Alternative Fuels

Even people who can afford a luxury motor yacht, shouldn’t have to spend more on marine fuel than they have to. In fact, fuel is probably the largest expense of motor yacht ownership, with an average yearly cost of about $2000-2500 per foot!

And yet, while drivers who have felt the pinch of rising fuel costs have been offered a number of alternatives from hybrids to full electric cars, the boating industry has been a little slower to introduce alternatives. However, yielding to the pressure of increasing marine fuel costs, that is changing. There are several boats in concept phase and even in production that can run on alternative fuels.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is already being used across the country as an alternative to home heating oil, and many fleets of busses and other commercial vehicles have been introduced that run on natural gas. A North Carolina start-up, Blue Gas Marine, has built a prototype sport fishing boat that runs on natural gas.  The Intrepid 327 center-console fishing boat  is a hybrid, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as gasoline, and is propelled by twin Mercury 300HP Verado outboards.

The man behind Blue Gas, entrepreneur and longtime boater Miguel Guerreiro, said, “rather than designing a brand new engine, we developed a system that augments a gasoline engine. This system converts a boat engine into a natural gas/gasoline hybrid, capable of operating in three modes: gasoline only, natural gas only, or a dual-fuel mode that combines the two fuels.”

Guerreiro says that his system can reduce a boater’s annual fuel costs by up to 70%, and lower fuel consumption by 40%, compared to a typical gasoline engine of similar size and power. The company also says that the system reduces air and water pollution by as much as 70%.

Other Alternative Fuels for Boats

Other alternative fuels in use or being considered for marine engines include propane and bio-fuels. Los Angeles-based engine maker Lehr, offers a wide range of engines and equipment that can run on liquid propane, including a growing line of outboards.

Lehr Propane Outboard

Biobutanol is a bio-fuel made by the fermentation of agricultural materials. As a marine fuel it holds promise because it does not show the separation or other problems of ethanol when blended with gasoline.

Evinrude demonstrated the viability of this fuel blend at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show, using a Crevalle 25 bay boat powered by a 300HP Evinrude E-Tec G2.

Evinrude’s Biobutanol Concept Boat

Fuel Services at Our Marina

Until yachts that can run on alternative fuels become the norm, your can keep you fuel costs down by buying your fuel from a reputable supplier.

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