In this edition of Yachting Gear and Gadgets, we take a look at some of the latest innovations, and “must have” Scuba gear for 2017. 

If you own a yacht, chances are one of its best features is its dive platform. Luxury yachting, and yacht charter vacations, just seem to go hand-in-hand, with snorkeling and Scuba diving.

So here, in no particular order, are the some of the hottest new pieces of Scuba and snorkeling gear for 2017, as recently compiled by Scuba Diving Magazine.

Atomic Aquatics BC1

The Atomic Aquatics BC1 is the first buoyancy compensator from the company, and it has left many dive enthusiasts wondering what took them so long! Its innovative features are too long to list!  Price: $1,399.95 | Contact:

Seac F1S Fins

Seac’s latest fin is incredibly comfortable and supportive. These fins give an impressive and satisfying snap to every kick. Price: $149 | Contact:

Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask

Basic snorkeling gear has not changed too much over the years, that is until the introduction of the Seaview 180 degree snorkel mask. This is a full-face snorkel mask, that not only improves the view while snorkeling, it eliminates that annoying gag reflex and cramped jaw that can come with traditional snorkel gear. Price: $79.99 | Contact:


Shearwater Perdix AI

According to the manufacturer, Shearwater’s latest dive computer takes everything great about the original Perdix and adds air integration. Price: $935 ($1,175 for computer plus transmitter) | Contact:

Seasoft Scuba Seabags

If you are using seabags for weight, but feel uncomfortable about bringing toxic lead into the marine environment, these soft weights have a hard-double coating around the lead shot to keep it from oxidizing, and presenting harm to the oceans. Price: $4.99 per pound | Contact:


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