Do you want to know the best place to take, or charter a luxury motor yacht? Then ask a yacht captain, of course!

While it is true that many yacht captains do not want to reveal their most treasured “secret places,” however, Boat International magazine recently got five super-skippers of five superyachts to expound on their favorite voyages and secret spots.


Captain Antares Hazelton, of Pure Bliss – Sweden

Antares told Boat International, “Having spent the majority of my career navigating the high seas, one of my fondest memories in yachting was discovering the 102nm Göta Canal. Built in the 19th century, it meanders through rolling fields and delicate birch groves, linking a number of large lakes and rivers in the center of Sweden to provide a route from Gothenburg, in the west, to Söderköping on the Baltic Sea.”

Captain Raymond Heer, of Angiamo – Indonesia

For Captain Heer, of Feadship’s superyacht Angiamo, it’s the primates and untamed wilds of Indonesia’s Tangkoko preserve that hold special appeal. Says Heer, “Every diver worth their salt has been to – or at least heard of – the Lembeh Straits, but few discover the remote nature reserve of Tangkoko, further north, on the Sulawesi mainland. To enter the park, nudge your tender onto the white sandy beach, where you will be greeted by an array of inquisitive monkeys, like this crested macaque (above left). Hop ashore and a ranger will lead you through the lush forest, home to primates, bird life and wild pigs. The star of the jungle show is undoubtedly the bulbous- eyed Tarsius tarsier – watch in awe as these mini mischief makers outjump their larger monkey cousins.”


Captain Baldo Gjurasic – Portugal’s Azores

“It might sound strange from someone who has circumnavigated the globe three times to choose a location best known as a refueling station, but the black sand islands of the Azores have so much to offer. I first visited with an owner for a three-day stop-off, but we ended up staying for five months. A great base to explore from, is the city of Horta on the island of Faial. A new breakwater has been built to the east, so you can now moor superyachts and avoid the commercial dock. The Azores are beautiful islands with unspoiled nature, walking trails, kind people and heavenly seafood.”

Captain Panos Pellas –

Captain Panos Pellas, former skipper of the 132-foot O’Pati, revealed to the magazine a majestic Greek anchorage with a pristine beach and turquoise waters – Simos Beach.

“With its thin strip of golden sand and some of the clearest waters I have seen in Greece, Simos Beach is simply magical. Located in Sarakiniko Bay on the small island of Elafonisos, I first spent two nights at anchor there while I was cruising around the Peloponnese peninsula from Athens nearly 10 years ago. I was so taken by the amazing colors of the sea and the double-sided beach that I now include this spot in my cruising itineraries whenever possible.  In the evening you can tender to the main village of Elafonisos and have dinner at the Greek tavern owned and run by the Menti Brothers. aerving traditional local plates and the freshest catches of the day, order the lobster or shrimp pasta.”

Captain Simon Johnson, of Lioness V – Venezuela

Johnson tells tales of reveals a hidden treasure in the Caribbean Sea – the Los Roques archipelago off Venezuela.

“Located at the gateway to the Los Roques archipelago off Venezuela, Gran Roque is breathtaking. The beauty of the place captured my heart instantly. It is as if it has remained untouched since the beginning of time – it still feels like it would have done before Columbus discovered it. I discovered “The Rock” while I was on a charter with a group that wanted to be adventurous. We had to jump through huge hoops of paperwork to be allowed to visit. Yachts are not permitted in the rest of the archipelago, but local tour companies can take you to explore the national park.”

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We hope you enjoyed the above list, and if we hear of anymore “skipper’s secrets, we will be sure to share them with you!

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All images of Captains Courtesy Boat International