What is it that makes a luxury yacht, a “superyacht?” Generally speaking, the term “superyacht is bestowed upon yachts of a certain size. However, “superyachts” are often owned by “super” celebrities, travel to the most “super” destinations, and of course, they also have the best water toys you can possibly imagine. So, in no particular order, here are the 5 most “super” water toys for superyachts, (and other yachts too!)

Seabob – The Seabob, always a popular water toy, became even more popular in recent years , with the introduction of several new models. The Seabob and similar underwater scooters, allow you to “fly” underwater, providing the perfect combination of relaxing underwater observations, and adrenaline rush!

Electric Surfboards – No waves? No worries! Personal powered surfboards have been the rage ever since they were first introduced in 2016, such as the Lampuga power board which is built out of carbon fiber and powered by lithium-ion batteries, so it runs quiet and does not require any fuel.

The Humdinga – Not every high-end water toy is restricted to the water! The Humdinga is a high-speed amphibious truck that can bring you on inland adventures in ways no ordinary yacht tender can!

Sailing Dinghy – Why not have the best of both worlds – power boating and sailing – by equipping your motor yacht with a sailing dinghy, such as the one recently introduced by Reverso. The concept was  first unveiled at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show,  and the Reverso Project has been making waves with the superyacht community ever since

Personal Submarine – For the ultimate in water toys, for the most “super” of superyacht owners, nothing exceeds a personal submarine. Personal submarines are becoming the “must have,” water toy,  among ultra-high net worth yacht owners. Examples from Triton and DeepFlight Dragon, run in the millions of dollars, but provide the ultimate adventure for their owners.

Water Toys — Fun for All and All for Fun!

Water toys enhance the yacht charter experience. Having the latest and greatest water toys on board not only can help increase your charter bookings and your charter income, but will raise your own adrenaline a degree or two when using your yacht with your friends and family!


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