If you have joined one of our charter income programs to offset the expenses of owning and operating your yacht, of course you would want to do everything you can to maximize your charter income potential. Like any other business, the best way to increase revenue is to stand out from the crowd, and in the charter yacht business a good way to do that, is to make sure you have the very latest water toys available, and one of the latest and greatest of these is actually an underwater toy!

If you are like many of your potential charter clients, you may have grown up thrilling to the excitement of TVs “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” or the real-life adventures of Jacques Cousteau. Which means, you and they have probably always imagined yourself exploring the deep as captain of your own submarine!

You can stop imagining, and start living even more of your fantasies on your luxury yacht, by including your own personal submarine!

Personal submarines are not only the ultimate water toy for high net worth yacht owners, they offer your potential charter guests an unprecedented experience!

Super Subs for Superyachts!

Triton Submarines, headquartered in Vero Beach, FL, is generally recognized as a leading manufacturer of “luxury” personal submersibles. In a recent interview with SuperyachtNews, Triton’s CEO, Patrick Lahey, described how the company was having a banner year with, the sale of two new Triton 3300/3 submersibles and a series of recent demonstration dive offs in Lyford Cay, Nassau. This is great news for Triton, considering it is the company’s 10th Anniversary! Over that time, Lahey says he has seen the market for personal submarines expand greatly, and that he is excited to bring some “exciting news,” to the Superyacht Forum, come November, “We have some exciting announcements to make this year. [the Forum] is an immensely valuable event; an opportunity to interface with people in the industry that we need to make an impact with.”

The 3300/3 is Triton’s flagship personal submersible. According to the manufacturer, the Triton 3300/3 is “equally suited for scientific and personal expeditions, and offers reliable performance in a quality, comfortable environment.” Hardly a “toy,” it can take a pilot and two passengers to depths of 3,300 feet, in perfect comfort and safety, and sports a retail price tag of $3million.

Triton 3300/3 – Image Courtesy Triton Submarines

Another popular “underwater personal watercraft” is the DeepFlight Dragon. The DeepFlight Dragon has been making the rounds at yachts shows since 2015.

According to the manufacturer, the DeepFlight Dragon is easy to operate, and allows the user to “fly” beneath the waves. Once you take the controls you can “hover” in place, or easily maneuver in any direction.

The price tag of the DeepFlight Dragon is a cool $1.5 million dollars, and one of the first to purchase one, was Virgin Groups, Sir Richard Branson, and according to CNN, Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz, also owns one.

Although many superyacht owners may not be alarmed by the prices of the Triton and the Deepflight Dragon, do not think that you have to be a multi-billionaire to enjoy the thrill of a personal submarine. As the technology has continued to improve, there are entries that are much lower priced. Which means that personal submarines are becoming an increasingly common water toy on many privately owned motor yachts.

Other Personal Submarines on the Market

There are actually some personal submarines that are relatively inexpensive. The Seabreacher X, for example, which looks something like a shark, or a marlin, can “jump” in and out of the water, and costs under $80,000.

Some of the other personal submarines out there that have price tags significantly less than the ultra-exclusive DeepFlight and 3300 include: the Scubster,  and SEAmagine, and even Triton has some far more affordable options. They all are very intuitive and easy for the “pilot” to operate, and vary in their ability to operate above or below the surface.

SeabreacherX – Image Courtesy Seabreacher

Part of the reason that personal submarines have become more available, and affordable, is because of the use of light weight composite materials in their construction, such as carbon fibers.

All of these personal submarines offer a truly indescribable experience. Even at relatively shallow depths, (most of these only operate to about 400 – 500ft), there is just something about being in a submarine that sparks the human spirit and imagination. So, embrace your inner Captain Nemo, or Aquaman, and check out a personal submarine!

SEAmagine Personal Sub at Surface – Courtesy SEAmagine

Water Toys — Fun for All and All for Fun!

Water toys enhance the yacht charter experience. Having the latest and greatest water toys on board not only can help increase your charter bookings, but will raise your own adrenaline a degree or two when using your yacht with your friends and family!


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